"Life is Magic"


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It was 1998 and I just graduated from Full Sail Center for Recording in Orlando Florida and my roommate and I decided to rent a UHAUL to drive out to what would be our new home, Los Angeles California. I was 23 years old when we arrived in LA in September of 1998 and it would be 23 years later that same month that I would pack up and leave. Literally a lifetime had passed by and many lives were lived when I finally decided to drive that long drive back to the East Coast.

I had traveled down many roads in Los Angeles and most of them weren't on any maps. I had experienced many victories and just as many if not more failures. I left there with a feeling that it was time to move forward on another uncharted path that would lead me to more self-discovery, learning and understanding. 

LA changed a lot since the day that I arrived way back in 1998. Crime was no stranger to LA but it had gotten out of control. Hearing gun shots was an almost daily event in 2021, and sometimes would happen multiple times a day. The LAPD ‘ghetto birds’ helicopters circling above with their spotlights searching for the criminal of that day also were a daily and nightly event . Even though I didn’t complete and accomplish  all that I wanted to I knew that it was time to leave.


 I knew I'd have to de-tox from all the years of built up energy from not only my own making, but from the people and environment that I had been enmeshed in for the 2+ decades that I was there. What I didn't know was how much of those experiences I would need to process, heal and come to terms with.

In life, we never really arrive. At least that’s how I see life. We’re constantly learning and evolving as people. Well, hopefully anyway…and every day changes are taking place ever so quietly in our minds bodies and spirit. 

When I arrived in the Fort Myers area of Florida I decided to try to find a healer. I had experience with this in the past but felt like I needed a little extra push in the right direction. I found this young woman who I felt could help me. She seemed kind, and had a nice light around her. Those few days after my session with her I had some out of body experiences (not uncommon for me), lucid dreaming and a musical revelation. It was time for me to create songs that had healing elements in them to help people struggling from pain, trauma and loss. I was a little disappointed in myself that I’d never thought about this before. When I looked back on my life with music the most rewarding experiences that I had was when I used my music to help people.


The first was as a music therapist at Mychal’s Learning Place for kids with special needs in Culver City and the second was when I created a songwriting program for children in Hospice care at Providence Trinity Kids Care through Saint Joseph’s in Torrance California. It never made sense until I worked with those programs and with those amazing kids why I was given the abilities that I have. Don’t get me wrong, since I was a kid I had always wanted thousands of screaming fans singing back the lyrics to my songs. I mean, who wouldn’t? As I got older though those kinds of things became less and less important and helping people through my music seemed to make a lot more sense.

I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to add healing elements to my songs. Then I went to a second healing session, this time a group session and I had my first idea. The practitioner was using tuning forks to facilitate healing and I thought to myself ‘I can add these to my songs’. ‘What’s the frequency of love?’….’What’s the frequency of creation?’ I asked myself. I did some research,  found the answers and added these two tuning forks to all 4 of the healing songs. The photo below shows you the exact tuning forks I used for these songs and their respective frequencies.


These two frequencies were important to me because  we could all use more love, whether it be self-love or love from others. In many ways this is what we are healing from: a lack of love, or someone’s version of love that may have been toxic, traumatic and unhealthy. Sometimes that’s the only way certain people know how to love.

The creation frequency is important because sometimes when we are healing we need to create a space for healing that we never allowed ourselves to have before. We also need to create a bridge from the old worn-out connections to new connections so that we can experience life from a more healthy and loving space. Creation helps us to also create a new version of ourselves that we’ve been longing to experience; one of joy, acceptance and hope instead of pain.

Since I discovered it some years ago I had been interested in Tuvan throat singing. It had always been a healing experience to listen to it and also to sing in this way, so I decided to add it to a few of the songs here and it made a considerable difference.

I wanted to add an instrument that would push your ‘happy’ button whenever you heard it and when I asked myself which instrument did that I immediately knew what I need to add: a glockenspiel! You can’t even think about a glockenspiel and not smile! The sound of this instrument just exudes happiness and joy so I made sure to add it to every song. ‘Glock and Roll!’ 

With both the tuning forks and the glockenspiel many times when I’m striking the instruments I’m also quietly saying ‘heal’. You won’t be able to hear this, but it’s in each song.

The last, which is really the first ingredient of each song is the intention of healing. Every word sung and every chord played was played with the intention of healing you from your past traumas. The traumas of loss, pain, abuse, neglect, sadness and failure I hope is transformed into joy, hope, love, healing and more when listening to these songs. 

These elements are buried in the mix of each song. Sometimes you can hear them and sometimes you can’t but they are very much present.

The cool thing though is that not only do you get the healing versions of each song, but you also get the non-healing versions too in case you resonate with those more or if you just want to switch it up on certain days.

The package includes all 4 songs with 5 versions of each song making a total of 20 songs. You get the healing (version A), without healing (version B), the instrumental version (version A and B) and an acoustic version (with healing).

I wrote, played all the instruments, sang, recorded, produced and mixed every single song by myself. I'm literally a one-man band. It took a few months to do all this so I'm hoping you can appreciate the effort at the very least.

After you grab the songs please come say hi on Instagram: @mykalghosthawk

I’d love to know how these songs helped you and how they made you feel. 

Until then…




"Life is Magic"

 4-Song Healing Series

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Michael Christopher, actor Michael Christopher, Singer Michael Christopher, Rock Sugar bassist, Rock Sugar band, Rock Sugar, Songwriter Michael Christopher, bassist
Michael Christopher, actor Michael Christopher, Singer Michael Christopher, Rock Sugar bassist, Rock Sugar band, Rock Sugar, Songwriter Michael Christopher, bassist
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